Acting, directing and stage management are among the many theatre-based residencies Arts Horizons can bring to your school. Students focus on an established play, musical or create one of their own. Through collaboration, improvisation and speech development, students gain a wider understanding of theatre’s artistic process, from writing to performance - improve reading comprehension, develop language skills and promote self-esteem.


  • Acting
  • Character Study
  • Comedy
  • Clowning and Circus Arts
  • Improv
  • Playwriting
  • Musical Theatre
  • Shakespeare
  • Sound Design
Featured Programs

Dramatic Strategies for Anti-Bullying

Working with a professional teaching artist, students address the theme of bullying through the eyes of the bully, victim and by-stander by creating their own play, performance or short video. They learn basic drama techniques for writing and acting, engaging in role playing and participating in imaginative theatre games to generate content. The final piece can be performed “live” for the whole school or a short video can be created and copied to DVD for all participants.


Experience how playwrights communicate feelings and ideas through the guided creation of monologues, scenes or a play.  Writing is made exciting while students learn the structure of a story including plot, theme, character development, action, climax and resolution. Foster creativity, focus and collaboration as students create a play or scenes from a curriculum connection or directly from their own life experiences.

Improve through Improv

Arts Horizons’ teaching artists create a safe environment of mutual trust for students to learn improvisation. Students improve vocabulary, communication and critical thinking skills through role-play, basic acting exercises and self-esteem building activities while using their imagination to create something out of nothing.

Learning Connections:

Anti-Bullying, Character Education, English Language Learning, Language Arts, Literacy, Social Studies