Arts For All Learners

Arts Horizons recognizes the transformative power of the arts and is dedicated to providing high quality programs for learners of all ages and abilities. We believe that all people should have equal access to the arts and arts opportunities foster inclusive, nurturing and productive environments. Programs are led by professional teaching artists with the sophisticated training, experience and resources to support individuals of all needs to successfully learn and participate in the creative process.

Students with Special Needs

Arts Horizons programs can be accommodated for all learners to reinforce Academic, Arts and Social Learning Goals to support IEP outcomes. We implement the principles of Universal Design for learning to provide access to quality arts education for all.


Featured Programs

Dance and Movement Programs for Students with Special Needs

  • Reinforce goals for health, wellness and adaptive physical education
  • Develop self-awareness: body, feelings, impact on others
  • Improve gross motor skills and self-control
  • Increase awareness of the environment
  • Improve socialization for relaxation and energizing
  • Enhance self-esteem

Theatre Programs for Students with Special Needs

  • Reinforce Literacy and communication goals
  • Promote confidence and communication skills
  • Increase imagination and abstract thinking
  • Improve socialization and cooperation skills
  • Build emotional literacy and behavior management skills

Music Programs for Students with Special Needs

  • Supports sensory integration
  • Promote self-expression and emotional response
  • Increase self-management and organizational abilities
  • Improve fine motor skills

Visual Art Programs for Students with Special Needs

  • Teach students to explore multiple means of art making and multisensory materials
  • Teach a sense of personal identity and aesthetic preference while growing self-esteem and accomplishment
  • Increase communication and social interaction skills
  • Build concentration, coordination and creativity
  • Increase imagination and abstract thinking
  • Improve fine motor skills